About Andi

Hi All. I am a born and raised Michigander. I have lived in 7 states, north, south and east. I am almost 65 and I have cancer, plus a number of other ailments that slow me down.

Considering everything that is happening, I feel the need to do something to make people look beyond the lies and distortions being peddled as “alternative” facts. My country is under attack from anarchists, racists, liars, and morons who are now running our country. It is clear that Bannon is running things in the White House, even admitting that he intends to “deconstruct our government”. I do not believe that our government needs to be torn apart in order to be improved. That will not help the majority of people in this country.

It is time for me to stand up for my convictions. So I am starting this blog. I will post political cartoons along with comments on events that inspired me. I will make every attempt to make sure that I do not participate in alt news.  It will be cathartic for me and hopefully be a source of amusement and information for my readers.