Trump’s Miracle Tax

Trump Miracle Final5

Trump’s Trickle-Down-Economy

Trumps tax reform plan was passed by the House. It accomplishes three things.

  1. “First, it would create a special rate for so-called pass-through corporations, which, if not done carefully, could open a massive loophole in the tax code”
  2. “Second, the plan would eliminate the alternative minimum tax, which prevents wealthy people from ducking their tax bills.
  3. “Third, the plan would end the estate tax, which would be a brazen giveaway to wealthy heirs.”

“Meanwhile, they admit they are unwilling to fully pay for the tax cuts they want, so they are giving themselves permission to cut up to $1.5 trillion in taxes without any offsets at all, arguing that a spurt of economic growth would make up for much of the lost revenue.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. said Wednesday on the senate floor that “It seems that President Trump and Republicans have designed their plan to be cheered in the country clubs and the corporate boardrooms,” and called it “wealth-fare.”

Bernie Sanders described Trump’s plan as “morally repugnant and bad economic policy.”

This is another version of Trickle-Down-Economy. It didn’t work for Reagan and now it will send the world careening into another Great Recession or possibly even another depression. The wealthy have no fear of another Great Depression because they are well insulated.

Trump continues on Bannon’s plan of self-proclaimed deconstruction of the U.S. government. And the ruthless Tea Party is happily following him while any GOP dissenters are berated by our evil president rendering them impotent. I except John McCain, Collins of Maine, and Murkowski of Alaska. They have the best interests of the country at heart in the health care debate and were strong enough to withstand the assaults from Trump, Ryan and McConnell.

Keep up the fight. We have won small battles. Democrats are winning the off year elections. We will survive.

Peaceful Resistance!

One thought on “Trump’s Miracle Tax

  1. Trump my concern is social security for the disabled. I’m severely disabled worked with kids for years as a counselor and I get a total of 735 permonth. What’s there to cut. You’re wealthy what do you care. I should be able to not worry and you shod raise disabled security if you weren’t a false propbet. I believed in giving you A shot. If you cut this I’ll be homeless and my parents both have alzheimersxand I’m helping them. Please do the right thing and raise it not lowef it. I should be getting 2500 a month. Please help sir Sheri maguire 708 492 0426. By the way I met you I. Atlantic City my dad was selling real esatate. I know you can be a nice guy. I need you’re help. Thank you

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