Trump’s UN Speech

Trump UN3 Final

Trump’s inflammatory language is upsetting the whole world. Kim Jong-Un is a child dictator and Trump is a child dictator wannabe. The two of them crossing swords is a scary prospect. Especially since their choice of swords are nuclear missiles. Even Trump’s White House chief of staff, General Kelly, covered his face during Trump’s speech. 

Kelly holding head during UN speech

What is Trump  attempting to accomplish by such a challenge to Kim? Maybe he thinks he is just playing the child’s game Truth or Dare? Trump is pushing the world toward war. And it won’t be any little war like, um say the Afghanistan war. Trump’s war will involve the whole world. But companies like Blackwater will  benefit greatly. I am sure Trump will be able to send a little business to Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater Worldwide. Prince just happens to be Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ billionaire brother. Prince and his company benefited greatly by the Afghan war. 

I am sure that part of Trump’s plan is to deflect attention away from his involvement in the Russian hacking of our national election in 2016. But Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is like a bulldog with a bone. He won’t let go.
Thank God. 

We can’t let Trump start a nuclear war with North Korea. We also cannot let Trump try to deflect his way out of the Russia investigation by bandying about perilous  words with North Korea. And we can’t let Trump get away with childish language that could hurt the U.S. and the world. We have to call it what it is, ignorant, inane, and dangerous, from a spoiled brat child president.

Peaceful Resistance!




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