Hurricane Irma

Our Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Texas and Florida.

Hurricane Irma 

We have relatives in the Tampa area and Naples. We are anxiously waiting to hear how they all do with the devastation that Irma is bringing. We also have relatives in Texas who managed to get through Hurricane Harvey without much damage. 

How to Help:
How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims (and How to Avoid Scams) – The …

Here’s How To Help The Victims Of Hurricane Irma | HuffPost…/hurricane-irma-how-to-help-victims_us_59b397eae4b0d…2 days ago –
Crowdfunding site GlobalGiving’s “Hurricane Irma Relief Fund” aims to provide food, water and medicine to survivors. It also plans to offer …

How to help Hurricane Irma victims | PBS NewsHour

How to Volunteer for Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief |…/how-volunteer-hurricane-irma-disaster-relief

Hurricane Irma Relief – Catholic Relief Services –‎

Hurricane Relief & Recovery – Learn How You Can Help Now‎

The American Red Cross® Is – In Need Of Your Help –‎ Before and After pictures.




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