There’s No Place For Hate

Rock with Uncle Sam and people with TrumpFinal5

Let’s put them back under the rock from whence they came.

Charlottesville. That says it all. But not for Donald Trump. He refused to acknowledge the hate being spewed by his supporters, Nazis, alt-right, white supremacists, secessionists and just plain ignorant haters. Those are the people that Trump looks to for support. He goes to those people when he is feeling ‘sad’, and they praise him. So of course it took Trump two days to reluctantly say that hate and Nazis and alt right haters had no place in our country. But not really because he came out and once again said that the counter-protesters were also responsible and “they didn’t have a permit” the haters did. One Nazi went so far as to say he was glad that the girl was killed.

James Alex Fields Jr. was the driver who plowed into the crowd of counter-protesters. He killed Heather Heyer, a young lady expressing her dismay at the haters in the crowd, her constitutional right. Of course Trump tries to avoid the constitution. And so far, no republican leadership has come out with a strong statement against President Trump’s failure to properly address this incident. This link will take you to photos of the disaster.

Trump has opened the floodgates to the worst kind of people in this country. He has given a national voice for people who previously were not able to affect change in the nation. Now, thanks to this divisive president we have KKK David Duke speaking publicly again. (I had hoped he was gone.) We have more people talking about secession. We have people talking about making the country all white. We have a president trying to qualify slavery as an acceptable part of our history. Slavery and the decimation of Native American tribes were the most despicable parts of our history.

I saw the picture of a very sad police chief from Charlottesville. He couldn’t keep the protesters separated. That is one point that I think that those of us who remember Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi need to remind people. Luther’s platform of non-violence brought us the Civil Rights Act. Gandhi led the non-violent movement to separate India from the British. Non-Violence can be successful if people are consistent and patient.

We cannot allow the haters to continue to divide our country. But we also should not allow ourselves to be goaded into violence. We must remain vigilant but use peaceful methods to achieve the repairs that our country needs.

Peaceful Resistance!

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place For Hate

  1. I am so grateful to be a Canadian and live in Canada.
    I must ask the American people, exactly how long will they allow their President to cause such chaos and upheaval, resulting in so many loss of lives while antagonizing North Korea into a possible war.
    This President is destroying and unravelling all the accomplishments of Presidents before him. You truly do have a “Hitler” running your country. How can you allow this to continue? He has already caused such damage in his short time as a President. Can you imagine what he will have accomplished in four years. Are you actually waiting for another war to begin in your own country? STOP HIM NOW !!!!!!!


  2. U will never be able to impeach this President,cause he has to,maney people in this country that r for him and he is gods chason one to lead this country from the hands of the left Democratic Party.Just look at the thousands that come to hear his words.Its all,in the hands of god ,


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