GOP Learns How to Fix Healthcare

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Don’t repeal! Fix The Affordable Care Act!

McConnell knows that his healthcare bill is in real trouble. The republicans in the Senate are still desperately trying to get enough votes to ram through their deeply unpopular and dangerous healthcare plan. If two of the following senators vote no on the current Senate bill, then McConnell will have some hard decisions to make. One option that McConnell has mentioned is the frightening word, democrats. He has suggested that republicans may have to work with democrats to shore up Obamacare options. In the meantime, Trump, Pence and McConnell are planning to single out and put pressure individual Senators, just as they did with the House bill. Those twelve senators are:

Colins – Maine, Portman – Ohio, Cruz – Texas, Capito – West Virginia, Moran – Kansas, Heller – Nevada, Rubio – Florida, Johnson Wisconsin, Sasse – Nebraska, Paul – Kentucky, Lee – Utah, Murkowski – Alaska.

But, U.S. senators are not quite as beholding to our very sick president as the house members are. In other words, U.S. senators are not afraid of Trump, and they know how reviled he is in their states. Hopefully they fear their constituents more than our child president.

Warren Buffett was interviewed on PBS and said the republican plans for healthcare should be called “Relief for the Rich Act”. He said that just by himself he would get $700,000 in tax breaks. Buffett also questioned the republican plan to eliminate the ACA surcharge on people earning a higher income, a boon to the senators trying to ram through the lethal weapon that is their healthcare bill. A real billionaire’s opinion of Congress.

Senator Cornyn of Texas asked democrats to offer their own plan if they didn’t like the GOP healthcare plan. Senator Chuck Schumer replied that the democrats already did – the Affordable Care Act. 

So, lets get busy and call our senators and representatives and insist that Congress finally works together and do their jobs to protect the American People.

Peaceful Resistance!





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