GOP Healthcare – Weapon of Mass Destruction

2 Houses WMD with rocket 2

27,000 or more people will DIE because of a lack of insurance.

Actual CBO report:

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report on the Senate Healthcare bill shows that at least 22 million people will be thrown off of healthcare. However, some reports show that by 2026, there will be 51 million uninsured people with the house bill and 49 million with the Senate bill. But one of the numbers largely going unreported is the detail that 15 million people will lose their insurance in 2018.

“The Center for American Progress compiled the CBO’s estimates of annual coverage losses from the House bill, applied Sommers’ rate (… one death a year would be prevented for every 830 adults gaining coverage), and showed that over the next decade, the repeal would lead to about 217,000 more deaths than would occur under current law — that is, the Affordable Care Act.”  

How many people needlessly dying does it take to constitute mass destruction?

There are many estimates for what GOP healthcare will cost. My husband and I will be in the high risk pool in which we could see a tripling of our monthly payments to BCBS up to around $1500 per month. This is considered healthcare access by the republicans, but it would price my family and millions of others out of healthcare insurance. Since I have cancer, it is only a matter of time before I will need my next chemotherapy treatment. If I can’t afford insurance, I will die.  The republicans claim that they will give vouchers to states in order to keep people insured. But they don’t mention that at the same time the federal government will reduce federal money going to the states. The bill also does not require the states to actually use the vouchers to help people in the high risk pool. So they won’t. 

“For a picture of how the Senate repeal bill will affect premiums and subsidies for people at various ages, income and geographic locations, see the interactive map below, provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation. As the foundation’s Larry Levitt observes, people with incomes up to 150% of the poverty level (that would be about $18,100 for an individual and $36,900 for a family of four) would pay an average deductible of $255 a month. Under the Senate bill, it would be more than $6,000.”

Trump is so thinned skin and racist that he would throw 23-35 million people off of their Affordable Care Act insurance just to stick it to Obama. Trump desperately wants to destroy everything that Obama accomplished. His flunkies, McConnell and Ryan, have their own agendas. That is to remove everyone who is, in their estimation, undeserving of any assistance, especially federal assistance AND at the same time give billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy. How despicable are they?

The GOP Healthcare bill is a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Please write to your senators and congressmen to voice your opinion about their healthcare bills. They must be made to understand that their healthcare weapon will be remembered in 2018. The GOP will be held accountable. Here is a list of current members of Congress.

Peaceful Resistance!

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