Trump-The Ugliest American

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Fear and Loathing

For those of you who are old fogies like me you will probably remember the movie The Ugly American with Marlon Brando as the ugly American. The movie was based upon the 1958 book by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick. Lederer was an author and a captain in the U.S. Navy. He was also the assistant to the commander in chief of the U.S. forces in the Pacific and Asian theaters during World War II. Burdick was an American political scientist and author. He was also in the Navy during WW II. The two authors met during plans for the Viet Nam War. They found that they had similar, unhappy feelings about the way that the U.S. diplomats were dealing with S.E. Asia. They felt that Americans could make a difference in SE Asia if they would learn the languages and customs of the people with whom they worked. The book became a sensation, selling millions of books. President Kennedy was so impressed by the book that he began plans for the Peace Corps. He also sent the book to every Representative and Senator in Congress. The term “The Ugly American” became a phrase used to refer to American visitors to foreign lands who were “loud and ostentatious”; rude people who refused to accept the customs of the lands they were visiting.

Donald Trump is the quintessential Ugly American. I have never seen nor read about a president who is so insensitive to the effect that his words and actions have on other people. Calling a woman ugly! Coming from him, what a joke that is. Saying “I am not a racist” and then going on a rant about an intelligent and caring London mayor after effectively handling an atrocity which was committed in his city, or calling for a Muslim Ban. RACISM!!

He thinks he is impressing people by refusing to shake hands with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. She is very impressive and respected head of state. He stood in front of the NATO heads of state and lectured them as though they were children, in public view of the world. What HUBRIS!  At the end of Trump’s recent tour Angela Merkel rose in the world’s estimation as a powerful and trusted leader of the west. She said that Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump’s America: “We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands”. Marie Harf of Fox News said” Trump was tone deaf and rude in Europe, no wonder Merkel wants to go it alone”. 

Trump prefers to praise dictators who are murderers and rapists, than to praise his own country. He gives our top secret information to people who are vocal and avowed enemies of the United States. Do you feel safer now that Trump is president? I do not.

Racist, insensitive, uncaring, lacking in empathy, rude, arrogant, liar, cheat, misogynist, traitor to our democracy, ignorant, unable to speak at a level higher than a ten year old –  “I know words, I have the best words” (12-30-15).  He cannot read or write more than 140 characters at a time. These are the characteristics our president presents to the world. The whole world is both ridiculing him, but at the same time very, very wary of him. My fear of him is why I write this blog. We must not give up. Choose your own methods, but do something, peacefully. The United States is not the only country at risk right now. The whole world must resist Trump!

Peaceful Resistance!



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