Hail President Bannon

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I cannot tell you how upset I am today. I keep hoping that some of the more moderate Trump handlers will be able to rein him in, but they failed again. It’s only 4 months and look at the disasters he has caused. He is deliberately going after everything that President Obama achieved, trying to undo Obama’s accomplishments. But what Trump does not realize or care about is that he is hurting the planet, his country, his own supporters, and himself. 

The whole world is alternately laughing at Trump, as in his last trip, or bemoaning his actions. First we laugh, and then we cry. First it was ‘covfefe’ and we quizzically laughed. As Chuck Todd said, “It’s a typo, who cares?” Why lie about that?

Today we cry, again. Backing out of our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement confuses and scares the Western world. The only people smiling are Trump, Trump’s uneducated supporters, Trump’s boss – President Bannon, and of course Putin. Trump’s childish, racist, and dictator wannabe behavior is endangering the world. He is so insecure that he honors dictators because they throw out the red carpet and honor him. In the west though, the leaders of state don’t give him special privileges and he despises them for not bowing down to him. He pushes them aside so that he can be center stage.

Yesterday, it was reported by NBC that another meeting is being investigated. This one was during the campaign at the Mayflower Hotel in D.C. “Five current and former U.S. officials said they are aware of classified intelligence suggesting there was some sort of private encounter between Trump, and his aides and the Russian envoy, despite a heated denial from Sessions,” Kushner was also a part of that group according to these officials. Investigations from the FBI and Congress are looking into that meeting which was held on April 27, 2016 during a campaign event for Trump. The officials noted that the current evidence is not proof. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/did-trump-kushner-sessions-have-undisclosed-meeting-russian-n767096.

CNN reported that sources from the hill are also investigating the April 27 meeting where Donald Trump was giving a speech. They are trying to determine whether the meeting actually took place. “Prior to the speech, then-Sen. Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak attended a small VIP reception with organizers, diplomats and others.” http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/31/politics/congress-investigating-jeff-sessions-russian-ambassador-meeting/index.html. Is it likely that Trump, who was in the Mayflower, skipped that VIP reception?

How can he be stopped?

There is no simple answer of course. But we as ordinary citizens of the United States of America can take action when our representatives in Congress don’t. Tomorrow there will be marches all over the country. #MarchForTruth on Saturday, June 3rd. Please participate if it is at all possible for you. If not, please call your congressmen and congresswomen. Tell them you want an honest investigation of Trump and his connections to Russia.

Please hurry up Special Counsel Mueller!

Don’t give up now folks. Peaceful Resistance!



7 thoughts on “Hail President Bannon

  1. I agree with every word youve written. I believe this man does not care about America he only cares about getting his picture taken and the applause he will receive. I am an American who believes we should be a united America not a divider. He has created division not only with our foreign counterparts he has divided the United states and what we have always stood for. He doesn’t want to make us better he wants to make sure he has taken all that president Obama did while in office and destroy it. Change is good, but Trump’s ideas are those of Putin.
    I pray for peace and I pray he will be impeached..

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  2. Trump is an embaresment to the United States the UN and WH the future will tell how has diminished the influance of the USA world wide i would not be surprisd if Europa, India and China take advantage of the situation and become dominat world trade powers

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  3. I totally agree with the others who have written their thoughts about Mr. Trump. I am very hopeful that this inquiry into Russia & Trump will prove that he & his people were very involved & that what occurred is an impeachable offense. Because of him we, the wonderful USofA, have become the laughing stock of the world. Why can’t his aides advise him to get off Twitter? & to have a President who
    refuses to read, get his stories straight, bully & continues to lie is absolutely appalling. He is a terrible example of a leader for our young people. I also feel they are acting out at an all time high because of his own rudeness & nastiness towards our fellow man. His mean actions & very rude manner towards anyone that he sees as disagreeing with him continues daily on Twitter, during his speeches, travels & at every single opportunity. He acts like a toddler in many ways throwing a tantrum when people disagree with him in the slightest. I feel he needs to go under psychological testing so that the American people feel that he is fit for this job. So far, he hasn’t proven to me that he is fit to lead our great country & if he continues as President I fear he will do us irreprible damage & possibly take us into war since he is so filled with anger, rage & doesn’t seem to listen to anyone, but himself. He is now & never will be MY President.

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    • I have seen a lot of bad presidents in my day this one is the worst Donald Trump doesn’t care about anybody but himself and his rich friends I have yet seen him mention anything about what he’s going to do about the underserved or the poor people of this nation what was the worst thing for me to see it’s how people in wheelchairs were carried off when they were protesting the Healthcare Act this is a disgrace and a shame to the citizens of this country as a black woman the president said during his campaign vote for him what else do we have to lose my question is what has he done for any person of color became president again we all love this country who have lived here all their lives but Donald Trump has lived in a different place than where we are from this needs to stop it should stop as soon as possible

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