Trump’s War on America

Trump DesertFinalFinal

Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

President Trump is waging war on America. He has made it possible for coal, natural gas and oil industries to dump waste products into water sources that have slowly been made usable. Trump has signed multiple executive orders that all regulations protecting our country’s water should be greatly relaxed or eliminated.

On March 28, 2017, Trump signed an executive order, the purpose of which was to rewrite the Clean Power Plan in favor of fuel producing industries. It is obvious that Trump is step-by-step rolling back Obama’s climate-change plan for the future. The Stream Protection rule forbids coal companies from dumping rocks and other debris created by mountain top removal mining into nearby streams. The Natural Resources Defense Council reported that “mountain top removal mining, in which ground is blasted to access coal seams below has been responsible for the destruction of 2,000 miles of streams in Appalachia”. Of course that is rural America so they don’t count (In GOP minds).

Remember that on January 30 Trump signed a stupid and destructive order which states that for every new regulation, two old ones are eliminated. No thinking allowed! So not only does the March 28 order allow for pollution of our drinking water, but it at the same time will seek to remove protections for our National Parks System.

An excellent resource is from Business Insider in which all Trump’s executive orders are explained in reverse order. 

Some people have written to me complaining that I am not giving Trump a chance; not enough time to fulfill his campaign promises. That is what scares me. So much damage has been done in just four months. What will be left of our country when Trump and his lackeys in Congress are done?? Maybe Trump’s friends in Russia are planning to come in and pick up the pieces.

Peaceful Resistance!




2 thoughts on “Trump’s War on America

  1. let him do what he said he only president 5 month. so far he doing a good job. so give him a chance. you people been pick on him sent he game being the president.


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