In Peach – Impeach

In Peach Final Blurred

So much has happened this week that I am having trouble deciding which stupid Trump activity to write about. I will try to keep up, but tonight I heard the news that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel to investigate any connection between members of the Trump campaign and the Russian meddling of our 2016 election. Finally, I decided to bring back my “In Peach” cartoon and update it to “Impeach”.

Trump’s potential “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” include but are not limited to:

  1. Fired Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was investigating Russian money laundering. That case was suddenly “settled”. The Russian lawyer who exposed the money laundering fraud. One other lawyer died and another fell out of a window but survived. The company paid a small fine.
  2. Appearing to directly interfere in the House Investigation by secretly leaking information to Nunes.
  3. May have demanded loyalty oaths to him not the country.
  4. Gave classified documents to Russians.
  5. Reportedly asked the FBI director to quash the investigation into Flynn.
  6. Fired the FBI director James Comey, and admitted that the firing had to do with the Russia-Trump investigation.

This is only a partial list of Trump’s definitely non-Presidential activities.

The possibility that President Trump could be charged with obstruction-of-justice has been floated today. One Texas Republican formally called for impeachment proceedings. The ball is rolling and I don’t think that Trump can stop it this time.

So, by firing the Attorney General who was investigating him, Trump may have put himself in the hairs of those who want his impeachment. The appointment of Mueller, a non-partisan and former FBI director as Special Council shows that our republic is still working!! Thank you Deputy General Rosenstein.

Stay vigilant.

Peaceful Resistance!


7 thoughts on “In Peach – Impeach

  1. Trump is working hard to fulfill campaign promises and I, for one , want him to continue to be able to do just that. If you want to investigate anything, investigate the Clintons’ non profit organization. And, investigate why the press knew she would win and completely were shocked that she didn’t. I think they thought they had it fixed. There is a silent majority backing Trump. The “move on” people are trying to overthrow the government and need to be prosecuted. How is it they can solicit funds. Are they a non profit for the over through of the government. Investigate their actions and solitations. Throwing accusations around has become the new way to filibuster and keep congress from getting anything done. I watched the news cast wherein Nora Odonald and Gayle King asked Trump if he would accept the outcome of the election. He said “only if I win. “. They thought that was terrible that he would not accept a loss. Now the Democrats can not accept a loss. Trump did not like the electoral college but ironically it secured a win for him. If it had secured a win for the Democrats it would have been fine. The press obviously supports the Democrats, but they lost in spite of all the plans in place so they need to get over it, give this man a chance and get a descent candidate to promote next election.


    • Hi. Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate all views when they are thoughtful and not hateful. I can’t agree with your conclusions though. If Trump is allowed to continue his attacks on the American people there will be people dying on the streets, including my mother and I. No medicaid, no medicare or triple to quadruple our insurance because of a high risk pool. Now no Paris Agreement. Sorry, I can’t wait.


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