Here Lies Donald Trump

Trump Here lies DT 3 beds Final2

Not a Liar? Too Many to Count! SAD!!

My version of Merriam Webster has many definitions of ‘Lie’ but none of them have anything to do with ‘telling a lie’. Many newspapers will not use the word lie when speaking of Trump because a lie is considered to be an untrue statement that is made with intent. They feel that it is not always possible to make that determination. However, as Chuck Todd told Kellyanne Conway, alternate facts are untruths. I feel that most of Trump’s ‘untruths’ are lies. I would rather just say that.

My husband and I always taught our children very early in life that it is wrong to tell a lie. We did not tell our 3 year-olds that they shouldn’t say something that is untrue with intent. Instead we simply told them not to lie. What happened to Trump? Did he never learn that lying and cheating are wrong. Didn’t Trump ever think that he should apologize to the many people that he has bullied and hurt? Apparently not. And that is the fact that scares me the most. He has not one iota of empathy for any people, anywhere. Money always comes first with Trump. Even when he donates to a charity, it is done to improve his bottom line. Now when 20 million or so people will lose healthcare insurance, he lies about how wonderful the ACHA is and goes ahead with it anyway. He knew that thousands of people will die with his insurance plan, but he lied and bullied the House Republicans into supporting it, even though they knew it could hurt them in 2018.

I think that the very fact that so many people are keeping a tally of our President’s lies is a very sad truth for our country today. Trump told so many lies, exaggerations or untruths that one could spend all their time tracking them. Truthfully, I am too lazy to try and keep track of them all myself. So, here are four news outlets that are keeping tallies. There are many, many more keeping tabs on Trump.

The Star’s tally is 213 since the inauguration. Their list is by categories which makes it easier to look up a particular Trump lie. 

Buzz Feed also has a list:

LA Times has a list of tweets: This list is organized into 18 categories such as Accolades, Courts, Politics and Polls, Healthcare, Russia etc.

Finally, the Toronto Star Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Dale was very diligent in keeping track of just Trump’s campaign lies. He came up with 494 falsehoods [lies] and sorted them into 20 categories.

So if you are looking for a particular Trump tweet or lie, you should have nooo trouble finding it. Really all you have to do is to put “Trump Lies” into any search engine and you will get many pages of sources from which to choose. 

Peaceful Resistance!!


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