Trump is Destroying the Constitution

Pillars of Constitution Final2

The Deconstruction of Our American Government

Well, Trump is at it again. As I am sure you all know, Trump fired FBI Director Comey. I am no fan of Comey. What he did during the election was at least a violation of the intent of the Hatch Act and definitely impacted the election. But, I feel that he may have been the only one left to run an honest investigation into the Trump-Russia connection. The House investigation is tainted. I don’t know if the Senate will be able to conduct an unbiased investigation. 

The latest I heard is that Comey was asking for more money and planning to expand his investigation into the Trump-Russian connection.  That may be the final straw for Trump. He wants his many connections to Russian covered up. The way that Comey was fired was disgraceful. When is Trump going to learn that he can’t keep acting like a two bit con man while he is president. His ‘crooked’ business deals are supposed to on hold now. Trump is so afraid of his many enemies that he had the letter dismissing Comey carried to the FBI by his personal henchman from his old business days and let Comey find out about it from a television news report. The man has no class and no empathy. He has no pride in the presidency. He doesn’t care what he tears down in our government. He is apparently still following Bannon’s plan to deconstruct our government. Isn’t that treason or at least criminal?

My cartoon today shows Trump kicking down the 6 pillars of our Constitution. He is really trying to make himself an autocratic leader. He has already severely damaged the Separation of Powers pillar of our constitution. He is desperately trying to control the judicial branch of government. Trump tried to get a Hispanic judge removed from one of his cases by claiming that the judge was biased just because he was Hispanic. Racist and cowardly. The appointment of Gorsuch will hurt this country for a generation. I am sorry millennials. 

Trump only cares about himself and he will keep attacking our government to keep himself out of jail. I think that working with an avowed enemy of our country during a cyber war on our election is a treasonable and impeachable act. Russia is conducting a cyber war against the world and they are winning. (I was however, very proud of the French citizens who realized that Putin was trying to influence their election also, and who voted against the extreme right candidate.) I think it is high time for our government to acknowledge that fact and start working to stop Russian aggression towards the U.S. and the world. We have some of the best training in high technology in the world. Why can’t we get a handle on preventing hacks? We must somehow stop Trump, and the weasels in Congress who support him, from destroying our government and our country. We must keep calling and writing to our Congress.

Peaceful Resistance!



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