Not A Keeper!

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TOO Full of Hot Air

There is so much stupidity coming out of Trump’s mouth it is hard to find anything that is worthwhile paying attention to any longer. The really frightening thing is that he has to keep changing his comments because he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, STILL after more than three months as President. For example, he went on and on about how terrible the NAFTA “deal was”. Until someone showed him a map with the countries that were in the deal, then suddenly the deal was OK. How about the way that he berated NATO. He insisted that we needed to get out of NATO, that is until someone explained what NATO was about! Then all of a sudden, he said, “Now NATO is OK.” Trump said Jackson was angry about the Civil War even though Jackson died 15 years before the Civil War.

The most recent ridiculous statement he made was that Australia’s universal healthcare was better than ours, just after he pushed the House Republicans to pass a healthcare bill that would throw 20 million or more Americans off of healthcare. It happens that Australia DOES have a better healthcare plan. I wish he would push for that plan. The White House staff once again scrambled and then said that Trump didn’t mean what he said and was just trying to compliment the Australian President. 

He makes himself, the presidency and our country look like fools. He can’t read and he doesn’t have the patience to prepare himself or even to let his few experienced staff help him. I think many parents out there recognize thse symptoms in their own children. These are not the characteristics that we need in a president. He is so arrogant that he thinks he knows more than our generals. 

Mr. President, make certain that your brain is in gear before engaging your mouth! 

Peaceful Resistance!



2 thoughts on “Not A Keeper!

  1. Trump and his administration are an abomination. They are an embarrassment and very worrying! Empeachment should happen now! How in good conscience can the republicans condone the actions perpertrated by trump and his administration. Trump is in my opinion an abomination. By the way i am a registered republican.

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    • Thank you for commenting on my post. I am always happy to hear from my readers. I agree with you. Trump should be impeached.


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