Commander in Tweet

Trump ToiletFinal

Donald Trump is an immature man. We all know that, but to have an immature president is frightening. This business of tweeting allegations against former President Obama, and now Susan Rice without a shred of evidence is incredibly damaging to our country. To the world, this immature behavior makes our current president look like a petulant child who wants to always get his way even if it means lying.  Trump’s newest tweeting disaster is also designed to keep people from looking at his own real Russian scandal. There is real documentation to support the charges that Trump’s campaign and transition teams were involved in contacts with Russia and very possibly in collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 U.S presidential election. Flynn, Manafort, and Carter Page are just three of the Trump regime to have documented ties to Russia/Putin.

The result is that the world is less stable. This is what Putin wants, and this is what Bannon wants. But hopefully this is not what President Trump really wants. Hopefully someone in the West Wing will be able to explain to Trump what his actions are really doing to the United States and to the World. 

Peaceful Resistance.

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