Leakers. Heroes or Criminals?

Civil Service OathFinal2 copy

Are the people who have been leaking information about the illegal activities in the Trump campaign, transition, White House staff, and about the Vice President and President, committing a crime? I don’t think so. When people become civil servants they must take the Civil Service Oath. All civil servants must take the oath. Part of that oath states that civil servants must support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. That last part is most important in our considerations. When members of the executive branch are or were actively engaged in crimes against our country, then it is the duty of any government employee to reveal that information. That is protecting our our constitution, our country. Just because Mr. Trump is president does not mean that he can commit any crime he wants. He is not above the law. But he seems to think that he is. He continues the shady business practices he used as a civilian. He was frequently caught and simply settled to get out of a tight space. His enormous ego allowed him to believe in the past and now, that he is beyond the law. He is not. Right now he is being sheltered by spineless republicans who would sacrifice the country to save their power rather than to stand up to a bunch of corrupt billionaires. Their crimes will come out eventually, but will it be in time to save our democracy?  Hopefully yes. In the meantime, I hope that the courageous civil servants who are sacrificing their own security and even safety will continue to release the information about the illegal activities of this administration. I consider them to be heroes.

Peaceful Resistance!


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