Scary Times

Trump Love War FinalThere are three words that should never EVER be put together. Those words are I Love War. Most of the world cringed when Trump made that statement. It was early in the campaign and I was disgusted. I thought that it was just another ploy to get the far right to buy into his rhetoric. But I was wrong. No one believed that Donald Trump could ever be elected. But with the help or Russian hackers, spies and oligarchs Trump pulled off the worst scenario possible. He won. Immediately people stopped sleeping, terrified at the though of the damage and hurt he could inflict on the people of this country, and the world. A few days after the election in an interview Trump said to the people not to  be afraid. That didn’t help. Every action he has taken is worse than I could even believe.

Now Trump seems to be egging on North Korea’s child dictator. A child president talking to an insane lunatic dictator. Is that something that the United States needs? Tillerson is an inefectual Secretary of State. Now in fact, employees of the State Department have been told not to speak to Mr. Tillerson nor to even look at his eyes. Today Mattis said that if China can’t take care of North Korea then the U.S. would. Inflamatory remarks and definitely not diplomatic. Whatever happened to diplomacy? That is apparently not one of the Donald’s many ‘words’.

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