What is Impeachment?

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What is Impeachment? Merriman-Webster defines to impeach as “to charge a public official formally with misconduct in office. The president, vice president, and other federal officers (as judges) may be impeached by the House of Representatives. The House draws up articles of impeachment that itemize the charges and their factual bases. The articles of impeachment, once approved by a simple majority of the House members, are then submitted to the Senate, thereby impeaching the officer. The Senate then holds a trial, at the conclusion of which each member votes for or against conviction on each article of impeachment. Two-thirds of the Senate members present must vote in favor of conviction. Once convicted, the officer can be removed from office. Although the Constitution specifies that an officer is to be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, impeachment can also occur for misconduct that is not necessarily criminal (as violation of the Constitution).”

What is the evidence?

  1. Trump invited a foreign power, our enemy Russia, to “find” Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails. Is that a crime?
  2. What about the firing of Preet Bharara while he was investigating Rep. Tom Price of Georgia? Price was Trump’s nominee for the Cabinet post of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Apparently Price has invested large amounts of money, up to $300,000 in shares, into health companies while he was a representative in the House. He sponsored and advocated legislation that could have improved the price of those stocks in his favor. Why was Bharara fired? Is it because he was getting too close to the Trump administration?
  3. Lying constantly to the American people. What are we to believe when President Trump says one thing in a twitter rage and then a few hours later either he or his people deny what he said in his twitter rage? Those actions destabilize our country and the rest of the world by making us wonder what the heck is the President saying and what is his real policy. Why is it legal for the President of the United States to lie about anything?
  4. Bannon, Trump’s choice to the National Security Council, admitted that he wanted to “deconstruct” the US government (2013) using Leninist tactics. Bannon then stated at the 2017 CPAC conference that the Trump administration was planning that deconstruction. According to the Daily Beast, Bannon said last August that Lenin “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Is government deconstruction an example of destruction?
  5. Trump has advocated violence by his supporters many times. Isn’t advocating violence a crime?
  6. President Trump claimed in another twitter rage that President Obama tapped his home in Trump Tower. This accusation was presented without evidence or merit. Now Congress is wasting time and money on this investigation that Trump demanded. Trump even told a lie about our ally, the United Kingdom, of spying on Trump Tower for President Obama. The representatives of the United Kingdom vigorously denied those unsubstantiated claims. Are unsubstantiated accusations against anyone a crime?

So, will Congress begin the process of gathering evidence that can lead to impeachment proceedings? For the sake of the world I hope so.

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