Robin Ryan

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For many years I have thought of Speaker Ryan as a reverse Robin Hood. He is constantly attempting to take so called ‘entitlements’ from poor people only to give that money and more to billionaires in the form of tax breaks; leaving the beleaguered and shrinking middle class to financially support the country. In many cases billionaires pay a lower tax rate than do people making $30,000 per year. Why? Why do Ryan, McConnell, alt right extremists, and tea party politicians work so hard to hurt millions of people just to line their own pockets? People die without health insurance. 

Donald Trump says he only pays the taxes that he has to pay, and that makes him a smart business man. But does supporting tax breaks for the ultra-rich make him a good president for America? I don’t think so. I feel that everyone needs to be reminded that the existing tax loopholes were not always in the tax code. Most of the tax loopholes used by rich people today came into being during republican presidencies AND they can be removed. They are not written in stone. They are not written in the US Constitution. They can be removed if informed people unite against the Feudal state that republicans are trying to develop, with the robber barons as the lords and the rest of us indentured servants.  Some of us will never pay off our debts, including school loans. Our only solace is that we will take them to our graves.

Ryan’s replacement of the Affordable Care Act is tentatively called the American Health Care Act. According the OBM report, as many as 14 million people will lose their insurance when the Republicans enact their faulty health care reform. Rep. Chaffetz has so little regard for anyone who is not wealthy that he went so far as to say that poor people should give up their $700 iPhones and buy health care instead. He received a lot of flak over that total lack of empathy. No one struggling to feed their family goes out and pays a month’s income on a phone. Health insurance is expensive and though most people want insurance for themselves and their families, many cannot afford it. Hence the compassionate approach by the Affordable Care Act to provide a way for under-employed people to obtain health insurance. But at least Chaffetz statement gives us a clear picture of his mindset, and that of many other republicans, regarding us non-billionaires. Is it ok for Ryan, et al, to cut Medicaid just so that he can give billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 2%? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. Money should never be put ahead of the lives of people. The United States is better than that.


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